You aren’t alone.

Moses had a Jethro. So can you.

A pastor leaves the ministry every 30 minutes. That’s nearly 50 leaders a day or 18,000 leaving the ministry every year! The reasons they quit are all too familiar to any minister who has ever experienced the view from the pulpit. Loneliness, burnout, discouragement, financial pressure, depression, and marital issues rank high on the list as to why minsters just can’t find a way to last another day. Can you relate?  

While pastors are surrounded by people, few have close friends or confidantes they feel they can open up with regarding sensitive issues. Ironically, despite being an advisor to so many, pastors themselves have few advisers they are comfortable seeking guidance from in confidence.

We stand with pastors. Like all leaders, ministers benefit greatly from coaching. EDIFY LEADERS has privately provided successful coaching, AT NO COST, to ministers for more than 20 years.

EDIFY LEADERS provides private, confidential, one-on-one, coaching for ministers without any financial obligation to them. We’ve got your back.

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It appears that being a pastor will almost kill you, everyone is quitting, and those who stay in the ministry wish they could get out.
— Ed Stetzer, executive director, Billy Graham Center


  • Only one in 20 pastors retire from the ministry.

  • More than a 1/2 million parishioners are without a shepherd. 

  • Some studies indicate a pastor leaves the ministry every 30 minutes. 

  • 3,500 churches close every year. 

  • Discouragement is the number one reason ministers leave the ministry.

  • Loneliness is the number one struggle and among the top three reasons pastors leave the ministry. 

  • Financial stress, workload, marital pressure, depression, physical health and moral failure are reasons often given for leaving the ministry.